How can I get access to a specific site?

All identified SharePoint users have by default a read access to the Extranet. However, some parts of sites can be secured.

The identified Site Owner and Backup are responsible for granting and revoking all user access to their site.

In a site all contributors and owners have access to all libraries (including restricted).

When a user wants to visit a secure area they receive an access request pop-up, asking the reason why he wants to access this area.

  • The user fills in that pop-up window with the reason to ask access.
  • Site Owner and Backup will receive this request from SharePoint system.
  • Site Owner or Backup may:
    • grant users access; either Contributor access OR Read-Only access


    • reject the request (with reasons
  •  SharePoint users will be automatically notified by the SharePoint system of:
    • Contributor Access granted


    • Read-Only Access granted


    • Request rejected (with reasons).


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