How can I get access to Extranet, as a TSO-member?

  1. Any TSO-person can ask access through the assembly member OR the Work Group Convenor can request a new user.
  2. The request is sent to the Secretary-General executive assistant, who evaluates the request with the respective coordinator to ensure that the request for TSO-member access is from a validated TSO.
  3. After approval, the request is transferred to the ENTSO-E Service Desk for creation.
  4. For each new user, the name, Organization and e-mail address is needed to create that user for Extranet. Before creating the new user, a check is performed on the completion of mandatory login-details and whether the e-mail address belongs to a pre-defined TSO domain name.
  5. This means that if the user is a contractor, working for a TSO, a TSO e-mail address needs to be given, by the TSO, to the user.
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