See Permissions in SharePoint?


  1. Click on Setting
  2. Select Site Setting
  3. Click on Site Permissions
  4. Select Check permissions
  5. Type the user name in Check Permissions windows > User/Group



  • Most of the relevant SharePoint permissions are:
  • View Only - Can view pages, list items, and documents. Document types with server-side file handlers can be viewed in the browser but not downloaded.
  • Read - Can view pages and list items and download documents.
  • Limited Access - Can view specific lists, document libraries, list items, folders, or documents when given permissions.
  • Approve - Can edit and approve pages, list items, and documents.
  • Contribute - Can view, add, update, and delete list items and documents.
  • Edit - Can add, edit and delete lists; can view, add, update and delete list items and documents.
  • Moderate - Can view, add, update, delete and moderate list items and documents
  • Design - Can view, add, update, delete, approve, and customize.
  • Full Control - Has full control
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