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All identified SharePoint users have default read/Visitor access to the Extranet. However, some parts of sites can be secured. For these sites, the identified Site Owner and all other Site Owners are responsible for granting and revoking all user access, by assigning the Contributors to their sites. The initial list of Contributors is defined by the secretariat at the moment of a site’s creation. Please note that the list of “Contributors” is in the list named “Collaborators.


a)      Managing permissions rights for your site

    1. On the site, click on the "wheel" (top right of the window) and select Site settings 
    2. Choose Site Permissions and you will see the different groups, assigned to your sit
    3. Click on the Collaborators group to add or remove names. 


b)     Add or Remove people to/from the contributors group

    1. Select the group on which you want to add or Remove people
    2. Click on New and then on Add Users
    3. The following screen will pop up
    4. In the following screen, fill in the names of the people you want to add
    5. Click on Share or Added


Remove people from the Group:

  1. Select the user on the list
  2. Click on Action
  3. Select Remove Users from Group

c)      Grant contributors’ right to people (exceptions)

You can also grant contributors’ rights to people, without adding them to the contributors group. But it will provide access ONLY to the page

  1. Click on Page
  2. Select Permission page
  3. On the Permissions ribbon, select Grant Permissions
  4. Fill in the names of the people you want to add

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