Restful API: querying data for specific unit

Thanks to a new query parameter, registeredResource, it is now possible to query specific generation/production unit data.

In the request, the parameter shall contain exact match of EIC code of queried generation or production unit.

After the match is found, either on production unit level or generation unit level, the corresponding data is returned.

The below API query example fetches data for Actual Generation per Generation Unit for the area BZN|IT-Centre-South, for the power plant unit UP_TORREVALN_3 (whose EIC code is 26WUUTORREVALN3I):***&documentType=A73&processType=A16&in_Domain=10YIT-GRTN-----B&periodStart=201706282300&periodEnd=201706292300&RegisteredResource=26WUUTORREVALN3I

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