Overview of data download options on Transparency Platform

a) FTP solution

  • The data is refreshed once a day and stored in CSV format
  • How to access it?

FTP string:

User Name: TP_export
Password: eG75pLwgyfyQLzjJ

No additional access rights are needed.
Please copy paste the FTP string link directly into the browser (the best to use the Explorer), and you will then see a pop up window to log on.

b) Restful API

c) Data Repository solution

  • Can be used to download larger data volumes (up to 50 mb download size)
  • only XML file downloads are supported 
  • Data repository solution offers downloads for larger data sets, but, only XML file downloads are supported. Requests are processed in the background, synchronously, without imposing load on the platform. Responses to the request are sent via messages in the Message Board.
  • The User Guide for the Data Repository Solution API is  available online at:

Please follow the steps described in Section 4 of the User Guide in order to obtain the access to the Data Repository Solution.


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