Overview of data download options on Transparency Platform

SFTP solution

The data is refreshed once a day 3 AM CET and stored it is stored in uncompressed and compressed, UTF16 encoded, tab-delimited, CSV format.


How to access?

SFTP hostname:

Port: 22

For Username and Password you can use your login details from the Transparency Platform:

User Name: Your registered email address
Password: The password associated with your e-mail address


No additional access rights are needed.

Uncompressed CSV files are available for download in the sub folders of /TP_Export/ folder and the same zipped CSV files are available in the sub folders of /TP_Export/zip/

In the /TP_Export/Export_log.csv you can find a log of when each file was last updated. Based on this you can identify what has been updated since your last visit.

The /TP_Export/zip/ZippedVersion.md5 contains the MD5 hash of each uncompressed zipped file. 

For more technical details please see our SFTP Guide.

The FTP share, made available for testing last year is now depreciated but will be kept available until December 2018.

Restful API

Data Repository solution

  • Can be used to download larger data volumes (up to 50 mb download size)
  • only XML file downloads are supported 
  • Data repository solution offers downloads for larger data sets, but, only XML file downloads are supported. Requests are processed in the background, asynchronously, without imposing load on the platform. Responses to the request are sent via messages in the Message Board.
  • The User Guide for the Data Repository Solution API is  available online at:

Please follow the steps described in Section 4 of the User Guide in order to obtain the access to the Data Repository Solution.


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