What is the difference between Bidding Zone (BZN) and Control Area (CTA)?

Bidding Zone is the largest geographical area within which market participants are able to exchange energy without capacity allocation.
For example, in Italy, There are several bidding zones.

Control Area is a coherent part of interconnected system operated by a single system operator and shall include connected physical loads and/or generation units, if any.
For example, in Germany, there are four control areas.

Note that there are different situations in Europe. Sometimes a Control Area consists of Bidding Zones. Sometimes a Bidding Zone consists of Control Areas. Sometimes a Country consists of Bidding Zones but a Bidding Zone can also consist of Countries, and so on. 

In most cases, the Transparency Platform is capable of aggregating and publishing data accordingly, and this may be performed differently per Transparency Regulation Article. It should be noted that aggregation of prices is not feasible.

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